It's all the rage...that little log chapel wedding in Gatlinburg TN. Rustic with a vintage feel. Everyones seen it in the iconic drawn pictures of what a woodland wedding should be. But are you really getting the wedding of your dreams? Looking for a intimate place to have your Gatlinburg TN destination wedding and/or reception may not be as easy as the website packages make it seem.


Great question! Having planned thousands of weddings in the Great Smoky Mountain region of Gatlinburg, TN, I would have to say stress free & private would rate high on my list. What I think many couples don't realize is that experience is important. We know what makes a great event! Our goal is to help you plan a destination wedding & reception in Gatlinburg TN. We know that you are stressed out about planning a destination wedding from so far away. We understand the unique dynamics of pulling off such an event. Gatlinburg wedding ceremonies are some of the most gorgeous I've ever attended. That is one of the main reasons we are so passionate about your experience. Many people are seeking a small little log chapel in Gatlinburg, heck-maybe a large little log chapel that seats many guests is a goal on your "must have list". Have you once stopped to ask yourself some critical questions?

  1. Can a chapel that is so close to a main road provide me the wedding ceremony I've always dreamed of?                                                                           Gatlinburg is known for its iconic little log wedding chapels. Many times people visit during a season or time of day that isn't "busy". So they don't really experience the road noise and distraction that comes with it. What most couples don't realize is that the invasion of privacy is real. Because these little log wedding chapels in Gatlinburg are right beside the road, many times people will just "drop in" to tour or see a wedding in progress! It's not pretty- but it is VERY real. Being a professional photographer, I've had an embarrassing front row seat to many of these types of problems while attending events by other venues. Couples are devastated. Think before you book! I'm not using scare tactics here, I feel that you should know the truth.                                                                                                         AT THE PREACHERS HOUSE WEDDINGS IN GATLINBURG TN, we keep the venue address PRIVATE. It is not published via website and only distributed via email to couples who have booked with us or are touring. We guard the privacy of your wedding experience because we understand how important this is to each and every couple. We truly care about your ceremony!
    1. How important is quality wedding photography to me?                                                                      The old adage "You get what you pay for" definitely comes into play here. It is so easy for someone to take advantage of people who don't know much about quality wedding photography. I find that many Gatlinburg wedding chapels are doing just that. At THE PREACHERS HOUSE WEDDINGS in Gatlinburg, TN we decided that we would focus on what is important to most couples, quality wedding photos. After all, it's what you get to keep long terms after the wedding day is over and the years have faded your memories. Your photographs are one of the single, most important investments that you should make! Did I just say INVESTMENT? Yes I did! There are so many packages that contain, "10- 4x6 prints", "4-8x10's", wallets, etc. The list goes on and on and on. It's so easy to get confused and begin to focus on quantity and not QUALITY. Who cares if you get a million photo prints if they are all horrible! Many Gatlinburg wedding chapels don't edit the wedding photos that they take. So- no color correction. Nothing. In the fine print they may charge a fee for said "edits or corrections". What? So- you mean to tell me that they are willing to sell you a photo or include it in your package without correcting the poor color first?! Yep, you got it right. All day long. Well...what other corners do you think they are cutting at your expense? Quite a few from our experience and perspective. If I sell you a photo that is only $6 and it looks good for two-five years and you need to come back and replace it- how do you feel? Maybe not too bad. But what if I sell you the same photo, same price, and you come back to get it replaced and it's not available? In my book, when talking about wedding photos, I'd be pretty livid. That is EXACTLY what is going on at most Gatlinburg wedding chapels! It's all about quantity and not QUALITY.  Many of our competitors point our price at the main reason why you should choose their photography, in the real world price quickly becomes negotiable when you find out that you might loose your wedding photos. We understand that to get a photograph that is designed to last you your lifetime many components need to come into play. At The Preachers House weddings we understand and are masters of those components. Talk to a coordinator today to learn more!! Yes, you do get what you pay for in most cases. 
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