Gatlinburg Wedding | Chris & Kailey 12.14.12


Kailey and Chris are such a sweet couple!  We are so privileged to have hosted their wedding event this last December—and have them at the front of our website! They each prepared something special to say to each other during the ceremony; it sincerely touched the minister and I.  We also had a blast photographing them; they're naturals!  You can see the happiness they share in every photo.
From the ceremony to the photography, their wedding turned out amazing.  Just goes to show even only the simple things can make a wedding beautiful.

Out of all the weddings I have participated in—almost 5,000!—-their wedding will always have a special place in my heart.  I hope you guys return to the Smokies one day.  Everyone at Gatlinburg Photo would love to meet with you again and catch up!

God bless you guys!
Casie R.


Our decision to elope came about during Thanksgiving, on our way home to Raleigh to see Chris’s family. We had a four-hour car drive to discuss the most important decision that we’ve come across thus far. We had been actively seeking God’s wisdom and guidance over our lives, and there was discord between what God was leading us closer to, an earlier marriage, and what we had planned for our lives, getting married in October.


We still were 11 months away from our wedding date, but we were ready to be married at that very moment. It was a struggle for us, because we already had a date put in place, to have a lovely ceremony and reception in Asheville with all of our friends and family.


But we did not want to wait another day to unite as husband and wife; we didn’t want to wait for God’s blessing over our marriage. He was telling us that it was time to get married, and we wanted to be obedient. So we followed Him, and we listened. It only took us two weeks to plan our ceremony in Gatlinburg, TN.


It was so simple, and it felt so right. God made everything come together perfectly! We chose our ceremony site with our new friends at the Preacher’s House – it was the absolute perfect place for us to unite as one before God! We had the most beautiful backdrop, as we were standing outside in front of a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains; it was so peaceful and so breathtaking.


Our amazing preacher, Reverend John, truly listened to our vision for our ceremony, and incorporated the scripture that we chose, and allowed us to speak our own personal vows that we had written to each other.


We couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony, on a spectacular day, and we were so grateful that we had listened God and married when He told us it was time to. Thanks to Gatlinburg Photo for capturing our special day; the pictures are truly exquisite, and our photographer, Casie, was an absolute joy to work with!

- Chris and Kailey Beal
Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce